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Vandel Body Cream H48 mini... Vandel Body Cream H48 mini... 2
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SKIN FIRMINGVANDEL BODY CREAM: innovative combination for treatment and prevention of skin aging. Used to treat breast irming. Adjuvant treatment in the cycle of skin renewal. VANDEL BODY CREAM reduces shaving frequency and skin irritation.MODE OF ACTION OF THE MAIN COMPONENTS OF VANDEL BODY CREAM• THEOBROMA GRANDIFLORUM: rich in fatty acids (Omega 6,...
Vandel Lift Cream 50 ml Vandel Lift Cream 50 ml 2
THE COSMETIC ALTERNATIVE TO BOTOX APPLICATIONSVANDEL LIFT CREAM: it favors cell turnover. It strengthens the skin’s natural defenses. Ideal for daily care of sensitive skin. VANDEL LIFT Cream respects the skin balance, progressively renews the skin, removing the supericial layer altered, transmits to the skin hydration and elasticity.MODE OF ACTION OF THE...
Vandel Proker Cream 400 ml Vandel Proker Cream 400 ml 2
Proker Cream is a fluid-waxy mixture that reduces the adhesion of the horny lamellae present on the cutaneous surface, promoting the detachment. It carries adequate moisturizing and effectively supports cell renewal. Proker Cream attenuates the thickness and skin roughness. Beneficial to the elasticity and tonicity of the tissues by the synergy  of the...
Vandel Peel Strong 100 ml Vandel Peel Strong 100 ml 2
For 80-90 facial Treatments DEEP TREATMENT FOR SKIN AGING  VANDEL PEEL STRONG for professional use, balanced action, mixture of acids of natural origin. Composed of 25% trichloroacetic acid, the pH of the formulation between 1.6 and 2.0.INDICATIONS: Deep treatment for skin aging, hyperpigmentation, sebum control, acne, stimulation of skin cell turnover....


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