Vandel formulations are produced according to the canons and integrate effectively with pharmaceutical therapy prescription. In particular, they address:

- Consumers, studying their needs and requirements.

- At the practitioner and pharmacist to provide highly effective formulations in solving skin problems and beauty.

The safety and tolerability of the formulations is of primary importance. In this regard Vandel clinical trial of its formulations.

Clinical Trials

The formulations are clinically tested in collaboration with Universities and clinics that guarantee the effectiveness and high tolerability to the skin.


Dermocosmetic Research

Its primary role is to protect the body from dehydration, bacteria and viruses. The skin allows the body's respiration and the elimination of its "waste" through the sweat. It also performs the vital function through sensory receptors that allow you to feel the heat, cold, variations in pressure, pain, itching encouraging the body adapt to environmental conditions.

Hydrolipidic Film

It is a film made up of water and fats / lipids. It stretches the skin surface and acts as a barrier protecting it from external bacteria and fungi. 

A skin is considered healthy when it maintains the balance between lipid and water, to guarantee its elasticity.

The sequential treatment formulations Vandel induces the spontaneous formation of a thin film on the skin and increases hydration invisible and governs Transepidermalwaterloss (TEWL), preserving the work of skin barrier. 



Mandelic acid is Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) with 8 carbon atoms, derived by hydrolysis of an extract of bitter almonds. Thanks to its size and the low molecular weight, has strong ability to penetrate the skin. It 'widely used in cosmetology it promotes the relaxation of wrinkles by performing wetting action and absorbing moisture from the air.


Mandelic acid can be used, unlike other acids used in dermatology, in all seasons because it 'is not photosensitizing. The treatments using mandelic acid, may also be applied to photosensitive patients, due to no risk of hyperpigmentation.


It 'a film molecular sustained-release of long duration. It has high moisturizing and gives a pleasant touch to the treated area. It's extracted from Chondrus crispus, also known as moss Irish seaweed. Structure is soft cartilage, green with yellow-red-purple shades.


When the dermis occurring conditions of oxidative stress with free radical production, considered by the scientific community of the leading makers accelerator of aging skin. The use of cosmetic treatments can slow the dynamics of this process. The effects evident that proper action can produce cosmetics, meet the needs of those patients who require a relaxed face, glowing skin and a more compact. The innovative formulations Vandel stimulating the reactivity of the skin, promoting the dermal tropism, create a hydrating effect with rapid relaxation of wrinkles and rejuvenation of global tissue.


It's the real leather body size paradigm of psycho-neuro-endocrinoimmunologica of Medicine. And skin is the main organ to reverberate over time according to the psychological discomfort director psycho-somatic. The skin is always the starting point of the organic lesion that, in the path somato-psychic, will be a 'scar' in the soul.

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